One down, several more to go

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Congratulations, Joy Kline! Joy won this painting simply by adding her name to my email list. You can win a free painting, too. Simply complete the email subscription form. You’ll have a chance to win a free 4″ x 6″ original oil painting. What you won’t get is a lot of spam because I won’t share my list in any fashion. What I will do is send an occasional email with images of new paintings and news about upcoming shows and exhibitions where you can see the work in person.


Next up? Bronzini, $12.99/lb  It’s 4″ x 6″.

What are bronzini? Fish. Big, silver and black fish and quite beautiful. If you’re a fishing-type person, let me know where they are to be found (besides the Wegman’s seafood counter). Don’t forget to sign up so you can have a free painting. By the way, you may not win this one – though someone will – but there are more to come.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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tiger lily oil painting bart levly art

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