Artist Bart Levy Featured in Second Acts Online Publication

Bart Levy was recently interviewed for the blog, Second Acts, about her meandering art career. 



Second Acts: The Latent Artist Emerges

The Baby Boomer generation is full of inspiring stories about second acts, and we love sharing them. Our friend Bart Levy tells us what it’s like to rediscover a love and talent for art, many years after her career took her in a different direction.

Bart’s journey will resonate with many of us. She graduated from VCU in the 70s, majoring in painting and printmaking, but had trouble translating that degree into a lucrative career. In order to make a living, she found a job in graphic design and marketing and this is where she spent the majority of her working life—first in corporate America and then later starting her own internet/marketing company. In 2000, Bart’s love for art resurfaced and she felt compelled to act. She picked up some oil pastels, which she found intriguing, and signed up for a class at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) Studio School. She still does some consulting, but now, at age 61, focuses mostly on the work she loves best: painting.

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