The Value of Art in the Office

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I can’t tell you the number of offices I’ve been in where the “art” is faded posters or reproductions of famous paintings. If you’ve been in your offices for a while, take a look around and really look at what’s on your walls. According to those who study these kinds of things, there are some great reasons to have real art in your office.

Cultivate diversity and empathy – art supports corporate objectives and creates a platform for connectivity and cohesiveness.

Amplifies skills – when businesses partner with the arts they get more inspired and engaged employees.

Drives innovation – arts foster inspiration, empathy and leadership, providing important talent development opportunities.

Shows gratitude – 75 percent of large companies provide free or discounted tickets and provide arts grants to places where their employees volunteer

Sets your business apart – helps you communicate your coman’s story and conveying your unique values

Enlivens the workplace – art stimulates positive company culture and inspires a healthier work environment

Advances civic and social priorities – partnering with the arts fuels the economy, creates social cohesion and connectivity, and fosters civic engagement

Enriches community life – 71 percent of the population say “the arts have a social impact, improving the quality and livability of my community.” Don’t you want to be a part of that?


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